What Is a Bath Bomb, Anyway?


If you had asked me this a year ago, I might not have known the answer myself, so I bet there are other people out there who aren't sure, either. But I can help with that!

Basically, a bath bomb is a bath additive containing ingredients that will chemically react when added to water. Specifically, citric acid and baking soda react and form carbon dioxide, the same gas that makes your favorite carbonated beverage fizzy. So why do people put this in baths? For starters, they're fun to watch! But there are other benefits as well.

The citric acid works as a mild exfoliant, softening your skin as you soak. And there are also other ingredients that get added to bath bombs. I make mine with avocado oil, and not just because I love guacamole. Avocado oil is a lightweight oil that helps add moisture to your skin. I also add kaolin clay, which helps keep the bath bombs hard but also is said to have mild anti-inflammatory properties. Buttermilk powder, which is high in fat and lactic acid, also helps soften your skin. 

I also add a mild skin-safe surfactant, to get those fun bubbles we all like to see in a bath. A little FDA-approved color and beautifully scented fragrance oils are the cherry on top, creating a multi-sensory bath experience that you will love! Oh, and my bath bombs will not leave a big stain on your tub — or your skin — like some commercially produced bath bombs will.

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